In fact, he is the operations manager with Guillermo, but his work focuses on the management of 360 ° communication, both with regard to press agencies and with respect to the web and social communication. Meet the company with the best details, since it was the first to join the team and in the following years it occupied all the roles and that is why every communication with the outside passes through it, because each communication must reflect the values of the company and Marlyn along with Guillermo have helped create them.

• Attorney 2015 in UC (Universidad de Carabobo)

Work Experience
• Logistics Manager in Stroke Therapy Revolution (2017-Actual)
• Administrative Assistant Kinos Malaga (2017)
• Translator in Stroke Therapy Revolution (2017)

Courses and other academic formation
• Digital Marketing in GOOGLE (2018)
• International Law in IFADES Institute International Programmes (Current)
• Political and Democratic Constitution in Venezuela (Aula Magistral de FCJP UC, 2012)
• Processual Law actualization El Colegio de Abogados (2012)
• Legal Medicine and Criminology el colegio de abogados(2011)
• Italian Advanced level native) in Scuola De Amicis Dizonno (2006)

My mission in this company is to assure myself to use my languages, knowledge of the social webs, knowledge of the International Law to supply a good performance in the logistics of the company, for its benefit and the patients and relatives who look for help about rehabilitation as well as assure myself to expand our reach to the most quantity of people possible who can benefit from Neurocognitive Therapy throughout the world through our services.