Three years ago Carlos from Italy suffered a severe stroke that changed his life fleetingly. After the sequels that produced this stroke in his body, doctors told him that getting out of bed was no longer possible, and that more could never to walk again. Faced with this fact, the family did not want to give up, and began to search for alternatives for the rehabilitation of their esteemed Carlos, which is why they contacted us. Today we can say that we are going forward in the process of his recovery, we are already making it possible to walk again. Yes, that’s right! It has certainly been a complex process for him, but not impossible as the doctors claimed. It is true that depending on the conditions that you find after these types of diseases you can become hemiplegic or bedridden all of life, but it is also true that we have a small hope for our recovery that may be possible if we only try.

This patient who additionally suffered a heart attack, in two years of working with me through neurocognitive therapy at a distance, has had an important evolution. I want to confess that the valuable support of his family, because, I have talked to his family, I have never dealt with him. The guarantors of this achievement are his family and their love for wanting to see him well again, because the guidelines that I made for him, have been applied correctly, giving as samples these positive results in their walking. This has been the key in all this brilliant process that renews the hope towards the recovery of his quality of life.

Although none of the members of the family are professionals in therapeutic techniques, Carlos’s evolution shows that a family guided by a specialist, and trained with exercises designed for the care of his family member, can break any hopeless barrier because, as Albert Einstein said: “There is a more powerful driving force than steam, electricity and atomic energy; the Volition. The volition can materialize a wish, never stop trying.

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