We are an enterprise of health, with more than fifteen years experience in the Tele-Rehabilitation of hemiplegic patients who have suffered a Stroke or that due to some surgery have suffered cerebral damage having as a consequence things like: hemiplegia, spasticity, problems of mobility, aphasia, apraxia, neglect, anosognosia and lack of equilibrium.

Our specialty is the Neurocognitive Therapy, which is about exercises that involve the brain in the rehabilitation, remember that the damage is cerebral never muscular.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of the patients, teach the relatives to act as therapists, thus having a great rehabilitation at the comfort of the home, thanks to the technology and to our Video Guide, created by the Italian specialist and President of Stroke Therapy Revolution, Dr. Valerio Sarmati, having our constant assistance and personalized support from all our specialists.

To throw light on this environment is not easy for the families who live the drama of a stroke, and unfortunately neither for the professionals who day after day, have to make decisions on behalf of others.

To all of this, we must unfortunately add the fact, that very often, the sanitary system is corrupt, by many other interests and requirements which very often do not coincide with families ones.

Dr. Valerio Sarmati, the President of our enterprise, has studied the Neurocognitive Therapy according to the Perfetti Method, directly with the Professor Carlo Perfetti, and while he was at the University, was also one of those people who believed in the rehabilitation, included and needed for the cure after a cerebral which stroke, which was only made up by:

  • Muscular Reinforcement
  • Stretching
  • Active and Passive Movements
  • Instrumentation

Successively a series of coincidental and casual happenings, took him to specialize in the recovery after cerebro vascular accidents, and in the Professor Perfetti method, directly from the source.


There have been years of research without a truce, where it was fascinating to prove that day after day I was learning a new aspect about the dynamics of the recovery after a stroke and about the Perfetti method; the patients were really enthuse and the families were involved in the in the recovery of their loved one, and in the logic and importance of the Neurocognitive Rehabilitation after a cerebro vascular accident.

In fact, it may seem obvious that the recovery after a cerebral stroke cannot be limited only to move the patients’ arms and legs, and to incite them to walk, when they can barely stay standing up.

A cerebro vascular accident harms the brain! Not the muscles! Therefore it is evident that the physiotherapy does not have to concentrate in the muscles, but rather on the cognitive functions of the brain, which are the ones that allow the movement and which are the ones that have been harmed. But it seems that at the rehabilitation centers other parameters are more important, like the hospitalization days, the salaries of the professionals, etc.

It is for that reason that I decided to keep after my challenge and provide the families the possibility of being autonomous in the care of their loved one who has just suffered a cerebral stroke, doing the most adequate and indicated exercises at home. At the beginning the training of the families was only done by me in my office, and it was a great success; in fact, in those years I have received families from all places in Italy and from foreign countries and it has been a great satisfaction for me to confirm that month after month, the patients improved thanks to the work done at home; that same satisfaction was the one that pushed me to create a video-guide available to all families including those who could not move around with their loved one.
And that is how the project REHABILITATION FROM THE CEREBRAL STROKE IN THE FAMILY was born, the the video-guide that allows you to:

  • Obtain a quality recovery.
  • Reduce the costs of the rehabilitation.
  • Perform the rehabilitation of your loved one at home.

“Our dream is to participate in the change of a situation which absolutely cannot continue in this manner”

We firmly believe that that the families have to be informed and autonomous.

We believe that the families have to have the possibility of making the correct decisions and face the problem in a practical manner.

We believe that a world exists where the BEST rehabilitation is not an exclusive asset of few people, but a right of all.

We dream of a world where the families do not have to passively support the drama that a cerebral stroke supposes, but rather be for the patient a good tool to achieve the best recovery possible.

We are convinced that the best rehabilitation does have an age limit or a grave one, I believe in the possibility of improving the quality of life always and in any manner.
We are conscious that the information supposes freedom of election and autonomy.

We do not accept living in a world where the interests of the ones who offer the rehabilitation do not coincide with the ones who receive it; therefore it is necessary to change things as soon as possible.

Let’s change them together…

Here you’ll find our newsletter, to which a total of about 20 patients, family members, and professionals subscribe every day in order to receive free additional information about stroke and stroke recovery. The first report will be titled “10 Things You Need to Know About Stroke”