● You can unsubscribe at any time, you have total autonomy, simply click on a link and follow the instructions.
● Your data will not be shared with anybody (therefore, you will never be subscribed or get spam or similar)
● In all communications that you will receive, there will be a link so you can unsubscribe.
● If you have a problem following the automatic procedures to unsubscribe (although they are very simple and easy), just send us an email to [email protected] . And we will do it for you.
● The consent to receive emails goes through a double opt in, directly generated by the company Aweber which is the company that generates the service of sending the emails.


Using PayPal as the payment method of paying for your Video Guide, immediately you will receive a link which will expire in 10 days, so we recommend unloading the PDF and saving it in your device. Additionally the customer will receive an email with the PDF which has all the links of the videos of the Video Guide which will be sent to the email supplied in the purchase format. The Video Guide is an exclusively digital product, it is not physical, and the videos are loaded in YouTube in a protected manner (private). In case that the customer buys the Video Guide through a bank transference, the video material will be sent once the funds are available in our account previous verification of our staff then it will be sent. A suggestion we give the customer, is to send us a copy of the receipt of the transference to our email [email protected] . This only to speed up the procedure of sending the material.
With the purchase of the Video Guíde , the customer will have the right to make an appointment online with our specialists if the appointment is made within the first 30 days counted from the date of purchase of the Guide, the consultation will last about 30 to 45 minutes approximately, as well as joining our private work group on Facebook, this joining will last 3 weeks counted from the date of the online consultation and afterwards the patient will receive a proposal to continue with us. If the proposal is rejected or turned down, then the customer will be taken out from the support group.

The payment methods available are:

● PayPal / Credit Card
● Bank Transference


The cancellation of online visits should be done in the customer service department using or sending an email to [email protected]. The cancellations done before the 48 hours prior to the visit, will be validated in all its effects, and will have the right of making another visit in a period of time not greater than 3 days of the date of the cancelled visit, but if it is made after the 48 hours the visit will not be validated but it will be treated as done.
One cancellation per month is allowed, if for any reason, the customer does comply with 2 tele consultations in a month, Stroke Therapy Revolution LTD will not honor that appointment nor any money will be given back.


The Support Program, will give the customer the right to have 30 days of support, assistance with corrections to all posted videos by the patient or a relative in the Support Group on Facebook, the specialist in charge of the patient will guarantee 2 tele consultations per month, and if the patent does not postpone them because then the consultations schedule could get disorganized not allowing to comply with the agenda.

The support program disabled at any time by the customers, but it is always automatically renewed month by month, the system will collect the payment the same day of the date of subscription every month. The patient and the specialist will make a schedule of the modality and intervals of the meetings. The payment method for the support program is exclusively through “automatic payment” in PayPal as a subscription mode. This last in automatic intervals every 30 days, The Company will charge the corresponding payment in the electronic account of the customer. If there is a collection problem the day of payment say for not having balance, the system will try again 5 days later, and if the problem persists then the support program will be stopped and the customer will be dropped automatically. If the patient wants to continue he will have to subscribe again.

The customer can get a discount in the support program, if the program is renewed for 3 months in a satisfactory and uninterrupted manner. If for some reason the program pauses or the customer cancels the program or the system has problems collecting the payments, automatically the program is dropped and the customer loses the discount. If the customer wants to subscribe again, he should begin to count from the month 1 until the month 3 in order to get the discount.


The subscription by installments to the support group, will have an only option for the patient who has bought the Video Guide and due to economic problems cannot get the support program, then he will have the option of paying a subscription of 9$ per month, which will allow him to be in the group in a passive and silent manner observing the work and watching the videos of other patients but not unloading his own.