Every year 15 million people in the world suffer a Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA). Faced with this reality, and the technological possibilities offered by the time, an alternative has been created that allows both, family members and patients, to learn to perform therapeutic exercises from comfort of your home.

Telerehabilitation is the main purpose of the Italian physiotherapist Valerio Sarmati, specialist in post-stroke rehabilitation for 15 years.

Through the use of technology, he can guide them in the execution of exercises that involve brain and physical functions, which together allow them to regain movement.

For this reason, he has developed two video guides, one of them focused on the recovery of right hemiplegia and language functions, while the other is dedicated to the recovery of left hemiplegia.

In this way, patients or family members who acquire it have access to 95 instructional videos and an online consultation with the Dr. that will be immediately scheduled for their attention.

In the first meeting, the medical history of each patient is analyzed, the diagnosis is defined and specific guidance is provided for their case.

In addition, they can join a private support group on Facebook, where people who are part of this community share experience and testimonies that serve as motivation for all new patients.

With the professional accompaniment and the explanatory videos, patients and families will feel guided at all times to achieve the goal together from the comfort of their home.

Without schedules and close to you!

These exercises have been exclusively designed, based on the Perfetti Method and are sent to the email you indicate in a PDF format.

Through a link you can have private access.

Online consultations are by Skype for 45 minutes, to evaluate your condition and clarify any doubts that may arise during this meeting.

For more information, we invite you to Facebook Live, a space for the live interaction of Dr. with his community of patients to address different aspects of hemiplegia and rehabilitation after a brain injury, which takes place every 15 days on Wednesdays.

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2007 to 2008 Lecturer at UCSC Cattolica in Rome, Bachelor in Physiotherapy; “Rehabilitation Methodologies”

from 2008 till now as Professor of “Neurotraumathological Rehabilitation” at "La Sapienza" University of Rome