If you have come to this page, means that you have completed many important objectives for the rehabilitation from a stroke in the family. You have understood the importance of the neurocognitive rehabilitation and have also understood that working at home with your most dear relatives offers many advantages. You met the support group on Facebook and have seen how other families work.

You have already experienced the orientation on-line visit with Dr., Valerio Sarmati and with our specialists, as well as the psychological consultation in order to help the family to overcome this sad event, you also got the support with the corrections and or improvements from our valuable group, and you understood the potentiality of the continuous support.

The last stage is to complete all these actions with a continuous program which helps you to continue the rehabilitation at the ease of your home, thus making it more solid and efficient.
That is why; we have developed 3 plans for you which function as subscription so you can choose the best for your situation.

Giovanna M.
The support program is fantastic, the online visits are an indispensable help for the relatives who help their relatives, the exercises done should be corrected and this is done only through the online visits. Thanks Valerio for all your help!

Angelo M.
… What worried us but at the same time would have saved us time and money was the position of the physiotherapist, a specialist was not necessary we needed a relative so we would have saved money and time because doing the exercises at home at my more convenient time was an economic saving.

I suffered a hemorrhagic stroke which caused a grave right hemiplegia. I have had for approximately 6 months, muscular physiotherapy i.e. the “traditional”, directly from my relatives and the physiotherapists who helped me, some private others insurance paid that many months had passed by and my ankle was not recovering and I thought that it was not going to recover ever again, neither my hand. A neurologist visited me at the end of the sixth month and he gave me the final blow telling me that I unfortunately should give up. At this point and thanks to the internet research done by my son. I met Dr. Valerio Sarmati and began with him a period of rehabilitation of the “neurocognitive” type. To be honest, at the beginning I was a bit skeptical, I realized that it had to do with school rules, figures, circles, and other strange objects were used in the physiotherapy. I was very baffled and I had discussed with my family. The next day we began to do some exercises just as we were taught in the video guide.

Angelo M.
… Days went by, so many days and I without realizing it, I began to notice that something was changing in my body; through the teaching of Dr. Sarmati, I began to walk definitely better. Before my steps were uncoordinated so much that my relatives heard me coming from far away. After 7 months, I walk with a cane, since it gives me more security on the street and balance the weight on the plegic leg but I place it securely on the nail. On the street I walk loosely so much that if it was not for the cane, people would not notice. Meanwhile, I realized, especially in the morning that I was able to open and close my hand more times and even the heel, which I had been told that I would never move it again, began to move, not completely but enough to encourage me to continue with this therapy. Today I feel that I keep getting better with it increasing its angle. The hand is moving little by little.

Everything has been possible thanks to the notable effort of Dr. Sarmati, that I personally beyond the economic aspects, think that he is a person gifted with a great humanitarian heart who dedicates at least 6 hours per day to us the paraplegic, he is always present when his presence is needed. Available at all times, it happened to me that very late one night, I had an urgent need of advice, and he gave it, even though it was past midnight, on another occasion, the day of “Holy Week”, he answered me, How? Through a group in Facebook created by him where videos of our exercises after he watches and corrects them are published. In these videos you can watch other patients’ videos where you can give your own advice or opinion. In fact, one thing is the theory given by Dr. Sarmati and other experiences of the hemiplegic patient on the field. So advice after advice to one patient before and another after, finishing with familiarizing and make a group a great family where one can even let off steam and receive a bit of consolation at times, especially when things do not go right, like in everything there are highs and lows. Before finding Dr. Sarmati, my fear was not been able to face each time a trip to Rome, approximately 5 hours which also implied other expenses like gasoline, parking, lodging etc. But really with Dr. Sarmati we see each other every 15 days, through the computer, technically “online” and through the well-known Skype. Through the video call all the exercises of the program are examined and decisions are made.

New exercises are included and the old ones are removed. But definitely when I talk to my friends and they ask me; “Are you doing physiotherapy? What Dr., are you going to? I answer them that I do “neurocognitive” with a Dr., from Rome. They look at me with pity and tell me you go to Rome? I explain how my physiotherapy really is. The result is that all of them are astonished by the ingenuity of the therapeutical plan applied by Dr. Valerio Sarmati. This is my personal experience and what I really think of the support program for patients/relatives”.

…These rules which I spoke about before, that had made me laugh before in Rome became the magic canes. Without noticing its use during the diverse exercises, I see my fingers move, and this happens even during the sessions, I see the index finger moving up and down several times bend little by little even the middle one tries. I should say that I could not hope for anything better. Really is a therapy that they say is long but that does not matter, the important thing is to have a constant recovery

Tiziana M.

And here I am to tell you my story:
My name is Tiziana, right now I am 50 years old… the misfortune happened in 2012, and it was November 2nd… I got up early that morning around 08:30 … I was a bit tired, I thought it was because the night before we had two friends over for dinner and we stayed up late. Since I was tired I decided to go back to bed to take a nap and then it was around 6 that my sister phoned me and… my husband knew that something was not right… the hospitalization… I could not speak … this was for a week and then they decided to transfer me to Cagliari, the physiotherapy and speech therapy (two months).

After that time and at home I read about the stroke…my husband spoke about this Sarmati…I continued doing physiotherapy at home and at the Aias for a year…afterwards we decided to phone this Mr. Sarmati Valerio … and decided to try him out.
It has been approximately a year that we have been working with Valerio, my physiotherapist, and I and up to now I have improved a lot: I walk better, I move the arm and the hand discreetly, and I do “physiotherapy” all day long.
I must express my thanks to my husband, the tireless Simonetta and Valerio, for all of this.

Thanks to all of this…it is true my life changed. Faith.

Daniele M.

My name is Daniele M., I am 44 years old … I have always been a very hyperactive person, … Secretary General of the CISL responsible of the construction sector of a territory and always and constantly at war as the “ sulcis iglesiente” in Sardinia, always in the front row in the multiple manifestations for the protection of work and among the most known was the march of Rome with the Alcoa workers where I received multiple repressions… additionally and as a hobby I am a martial arts instructor since I was 25 years old, specialized in personal defense and security operators … I am married and father of 2 children .. everything was going fine … then during a training session suddenly I felt a devastating tiredness and my training partner tells me that I have a strange expression… I sit on the floor because one of my legs went numb … they called an ambulance, when they arrived the doctor saw me vomiting and he sentenced: “is a simple indigestion”.

After half an hour on the ground with my head buried in my vomit, shivering from the cold another doctor arrived and after hollering to my wife and relatives, and decided to take me to the hospital … inside the ambulance I realized that I was paralyzed, I tried to move my hand to remove a belt that they had put on me and nothing absolute emptiness, I had to look with my eyes to find it … I began to question myself… did I damage the brain? So many blows in the head received during all these protest years are passing their bill … We got to the hospital, they did a MRI and I heard they said extended subarachnoid hemorrhage due to an avm .. a week went by in a strange limbo always conscious but absent minded they also knew that the leg is paralyzed … finally they let me breathe and took me to a rehabilitation clinic … and there the curious part of my brain begins to doubt …,in spite of having the best therapists of the clinic I did not understand why they made do stretching and Pilates … nevertheless my muscles up to a few days before made tractions of 150 Kg. and I was able to engage in 5 matches in a row with 150 Kg youngsters beating them all, so I asked what was the use of all the movements nut all vague answers and orders “do what we say”… I was a policeman and I retired because I did not want to be ordered around, I am a union man I want to understand and find solutions and these people come and tell me that?!!!!

Until an umpteenth passive Pilate’s session, I did not feel a terrible pain in my back and a genius came in and told me we should apply Botox … and I: and what is it for? To help the muscles … and what do muscles have to do? They have a tension because the order does not arrive … but the problem is not in now in the “operational” central? The brain and the substations???? Answer yes, but that is how it is done, I stopped him and I told him that is not how it is done … afterwards my wife came in … do not play the overbearing she told me … I am not overbearing … I want to understand I am not stupid … I had the pad brought in… I spent all night looking searching and studying and I discovered several rehabilitation techniques like Bobath Kabat Vojta, Perfect … and in the morning I began to make questions to everybody and all their answers were too vague… coming from the martial world, where I learned that if you know something you show it and know how to explain it or if not you are somebody full of ego with a red belt … I understood that the majority had graduated at the “cepu con Del Piero”..- due to this and knowing the physiatrist as a friend beyond the bad I asked him to finish while I looked for another one … outside Sardinia because with us we only had reinforcement muscular rehabilitations not suitable for making the brain create new connections in order to substitute the ones lost due to the stroke … and fortunately checking the web, I found a name that was repeated many times even if you were looking for answers about the post stroke … Valerio Sarmati, immediately I sent him an email, he answered an hour later though I was afraid the same as the others but on the contrary this young man on Saturday night answered me and he gave me his private cell No… I called him on Sunday and he answered me and in 10 minutes he cleared up all doubts that neurologists and physiatrists had not… afterwards it made me really happy because he explained to me the fact that the brain is plastic and well informed which gives us the opportunity of having a serene and plentiful life, I appreciated the fact and that he had answered the phone on a holiday, giving me so many answers and paying attention to an unknown man to him… he told me he was my Guru … I started the journey with him only after a few months…financial and other diverse problems did not allow me to compromise with Valerio’s Family rehabilitation program … from that day I would not say that I was reborn but almost … after the blow received and seeing me defenseless on a bed and above all rejecting any type of anti-depressant … I want to be lucid and the stroke that came to get me now is its problem, I do not want chemical help, I fight it by myself as I have always done, I have a trainer by my side who explains every detail and is always present when I have doubts…I am Sardo and I see Valerio every 15 days through Skype, he understands better from a monitor than my physiatrists in person … if my wife and other friend learned the exercises that Valerio with a lot of patience through the videos that I and others made and uploaded to our page dedicated to the patients where he provides corrections and is close to us in order to explain the tricks of the trade and find solutions adapted to the situation of each one of us…what to say after 9 months of experience, I did not use Botox and the rigidity little by little is disappearing… I walk a bit better, I use a cane but I walk alright … the hand is beginning to give signs of betterment…although somebody had told me that it was impossible …, I know the journey is long … there are no shortcuts but I am at least on the road and surely he is the best I could find, years will be needed but I will hold my daughter and my wife again without any control and above all GRADATIM FEROCITER … AHEAD WITHOUT HALF MEASURES …

Doctor Valerio Sarmati creator of the rehabilitation, an expert on the neurocognitive rehabilitation, pursues his project of teaching families since the year 2008, he also teaches neurotraumatology rehabilitation in the faculty of physiotherapy of the Sapienza de Roma (S. Maria de la pietat).
The fundamental spirit which allowed creation of the tele-rehabilitation, was fed by the love among the relatives who decided to continue the rehabilitation at home. The support program has been studied in order to follow the family in a complete and punctual manner.

The relatives who initially do not feel able to face this challenge after few weeks quickly realize its feasibility and surely stay and load themselves with confidence every time they see recovery and betterment. The frequency of the online meetings is twice a month, where Doctor Sarmati is able to adapt the work program based on the betterment and specific requirements of the patient. The Facebook is a fundamental platform for the efficiency of the support program, in fact Doctor Sarmati can watch one by one the videos of the exercises done at home correct them if necessary and approve them.

Who follows the support program, enjoys additionally of posterior advantages, like the discount of 50% in eventual encounters of study and the discount in the purchase of eventual programs.

Most of the patients who continue with the support program, have never met physically because it is not strictly necessary and even the programs can be easily reproduced at home .

The only problem with the support program is that it has limited access in order to guarantee who already subscribed to our total attention and the time he deserves.

When all the available places are full the inscription button is not visible, if you do not see it, we suggest to visit this page or contact our assistance service [email protected].

We remind you that you can suspend the program at any time and for any reason.

Dr. Sarmati

2007-08 Professor of Methodology of the rehabilitation at the “Catholic University of the Sacred Heart” ROME .

Since 2011 Professor of Neurotraumatology Rehabilitation “University La Sapienza” Rome.

2014 President Group “Ictus Emiplegia Onlus”.