Make the stroke a lighter burden on the human being.

How do we do it ?

Raising awarenes, informing, and training patients, relatives and professionals about the neurocognitive rehabilation according to perfetti.


Be a telerehabilitation enterprise at the avant garde world wide with a well defined social compromise which would allow us to supply a better outlook and quality of life to all the patients who suffer a hemiplegia due to a cerebral injury and be responsible to lower the statistics of cvas suffered every second throughout the world in a close future and using our reach in the prevention of these unfortunate and sad events.


  • love for the truth.
  • love for the patients.
  • passion for progress and innovation.
  • social compromise .
  • we believe in the need of strengthening the scientific method of rehabilitation.
  • we believe in the usefulness of the mass and social media and the latest technologies that are present nowadays in order to supply a good quality rehabilitation.
  • we strongly believe that the process of recovery requires the help from the relatives. and that is why we also invest in their formation and training.
  • we love the study of the neuroscience, the progress, the truth and the innovation.
  • we repudiate any type of arrogance and violence, that is why we believe that the patients who have suffered this injury should receive a bit more help and assistance.