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The articles written in our web page in the first place, do not pretend to substitute the opinion of any medical Doctor, they are simply merely informative, and are written based on the experience of our professionals, the majority of them by our Doctor Valerio Sarmati, physiotherapist, specialist in neurocognitive therapy according to Perfetti, he was a direct student pupil of Professor Carlo Perfetti, creator of the Perfetti method, and who has experienced 15 years practicing the neurocognitive rehabilitation, and expresses all his advice to the people, relatives and therapists who want to know more about the rehabilitation after a cerebrovascular accident or stroke.

Other articles are also created by our grantees or interns, professionals of the physiotherapy. The licenciado Jesus, el licenciado Carlos y la licenciada Amisadai, who have a minimum of a year working with us, in the telerehabilitation using the neurocognitive therapy according to Perfetti and their formation and knowledge are closely followed and taught by our Dr. Valerio Sarmati.

Some of our articles also capture the experience of some of our patients, who only from an informative point of view want to express what they felt at the moment of a CVA, like in the case of “this article” and that could help to go through facing these sad events to our readers.


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We would like to point out that the indications and contents in the web site are purely informative, therefore do not represent specific diagnosis or rehabilitation treatment to base on or take as an absolute statement.

The web site , invites all readers to trust the visits and the diagnosis made by the Doctor specialist and dissuade anybody to use the information for a self-made auto diagnosis.

Therefore, the reported information does not in any manner want to compensate the relation between the patient and the Doctor/specialist or any other health professional of the area, thus we wholeheartedly invite all our visitors to connect in order to achieve a proper diagnosis and a rehabilitation program that best suits your needs.

We advise our users to take advice and take advantage of the indications only if you are under the supervision of a specialist in the health area and be careful with the diverse pathologies. At any rate it is good to consult your family Doctor.