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The cookies are files which can be unloaded in one’s equipment through or from web pages. They are tools which play an essential role in the numerous services of the information society. Among others, they allow a web page to save and recover information about the navigation habits of a user or his equipment and depending on the obtained information are used to recognize the user and improve the offered service.


Depending on the entity that manages the domain from where the cookies are sent and handles the data obtained you can split them in two types:

• OWN COOKIES: those sent to the terminal equipment of the user from an equipment or domain managed by his own editor and from where the service is provided to the user who requested it.
• THIRD PARTY COOKIES: those which are sent to the terminal equipment of the user from an equipment or domain which is not managed by his own editor, but rather from another entity that handles the data acquired through the cookies.
In case that the cookies are installed from an equipment or domain managed by his own editor but the information gathered is from another party they cannot be considered as own cookies.
There is also a second classification according to the period of time that the cookies remain stored in the customer’s navigator which could happen due to:
• SESSION COOKIES: designed to seek and store data while the user gets access to a web page. It is usually used to save information which is only needed in order to provide the service requested by the user in one occasion i.e. a list of purchased products.
• PERSISTENT COOKIES: the data is kept saved at the terminal and can be accessed and dealt with during a defined period of time which is defined by the responsible of the cookie which can be from a few minutes to many years.
Finally, there is another classification with five different types of cookies in order to obtain the data for the required information:
• TECHNICAL COOKIES: those which allow the user the navigation through a web page, platform or application and the usage of the different options or services that are available i.e. control the traffic and make the process of the elements which make up an order, make the processes of purchase of an order, make the request of signing up to events, use security elements during the navigation, share contents diffusion of videos or sounds during the navigation process.
• Personalization PCookies: allow the user to access the service with some general characteristics predefined based on a series of criteria at the user’s terminal, for example language, the type of browser to be used to access the service, the regional configuration where you access the service, etc.
• Analysis Cookies: allow the responsible of them, the follow up and analysis of the behavior of the users of the web sites to which they are related. The information gathered through these types of cookies is used to measure the activities of the web sites, application or platforms, and for making navigation profiles of the users of said sites in order to perform improvements based on the analysis of the data that the users of the service do.
• Advertising cookies: allow the most effective management of the advertising spaces.
• Advertising comportment cookies: store information of the behavior of the users gathered through the continuous observation of their navigation habits, thus allowing to develop a specific profile in order to show advertising based on them.
• External social web cookies: they are used so the visitors can interact with the contents of the different social webs (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and are only generated for the users of said social webs. The conditions of usage of these cookies and the information gathered are regularly controlled by the privacy policy of the corresponding social web.

Cookies used in the portal of

Duration: 1 year
Used by content web, Cloudflare, to identify trustworthy web traffic.
Type: Third
Purpose: Security

Duration: 2 years
Description of the objective of the cookie: Registers a unique identification used to create statistical data as to how the visitor uses the web page.
Type: Third
Purpose: Statistics

Duration: 1 day
Description of the objective of the cookie: Used to distribute the traffic in the web site by several servers in order to optimize the answering time.
Type: Third
Purpose: Security

Duration: 1 day
Description of the objective of the cookie: Assures the secure navigation of the visitor preventing the falsification of requests in crossed places (CSRF). This cookie is essential for the security of the web and the visitor.
Type: Third
Purpose: Security

Duration: 1 day
Description of the objective of the cookie: Registers a unique identification used to generate statistical data about how the user uses the web site.
Type: Third
Purpose: Comportment advertising

Duration: 2 years
Description of the objective of the cookie: In some pages of our web site, we have YouTube videos embedded which is a Google service. Its use implies the sending of this cookie plus the cookies which Google requires to maintain the session active with its account, with the purpose of visualizing the videos embedded estimate the band width and show how many times they have been reproduced.
Type: Third
Purpose: Analytics

Duration: 3 months
Description of the objective of the cookie: Used by Facebook in order to supply a series of advertising products in order to bid in real time of third advertisers.
Type: Third
Purpose: Marketing

Deactivation and elimination of cookies

You have the option of allowing, blocking or eliminating the installed cookies in your equipment through the configuration of the options of the navigator installed in your equipment. When you deactivate cookies some of the available services could stop being operational. The manner to disable the cookies is different for each navigator, though normally can be done from the menu Tools or Options. You can also check the menu Help of the navigator where you can find instructions. The user can choose at any time which cookies he wants to function in this web site.

You can allow, block or eliminate the cookies installed in your equipment through the configuration of the options of the navigation installed in your computer:

• Microsoft Internet Explorer o Microsoft Edge:
• Mozilla Firefox:
• Chrome:
• Safari:
• Opera:

Additionally, you can also manage the saving of cookies in the navigator through tools like the following:

• Ghostery:
• Your online choices:
Cookies used in
Following, the cookies that are been used in this portal according to their typologies and functions:
Acceptance of the cookies Policy assumes that you accept the use of cookies. Nevertheless, it shows information about its cookies Policy at the bottom or top of any page of the portal with each beginning of session in order that you are aware. After this information is supplied you can perform the following actions:

• Accept cookies. This sign will not be visualized when acceding any page of the portal during the session.
• Close. The sign is not shown in the present page.
• Modify your configuration. You can get more information about what the cookies are, know the Policy of cookies of and modify the configuration of your navigator.