The fundamental premise when facing the topic of the causes of a cerebral ischemia is that the ischemic stroke is a cardiovascular consequence.

What I want to say is that the causes of the cerebral ischemia are related to circulatory problems; in fact, it is the lack of blood flow to the cerebral tissue which determines the injury, and all the consequences of the cerebral ischemia, motor, cognitive, and the language.

After this premise about the cerebral ischemia and its causes, we can define that the main risk factors are:     

Clearly the age influences a lot, over the possibility of suffering a cerebral ischemia, and after 65 the risk increases notably, although no age is safe from the risk of suffering a cerebral ischemia.

While all the other causes of a cerebral ischemia which we will deal as follows can be modified through a correct life style, a proper diet and constant exercise can determine an effective prevention of the cerebral ischemia.


Smoking cigarettes is a true assassin of our cardiovascular system, and deserves one the first positions in the causes of the cerebral ischemia, in fact, the smoke diminishes the elastic abilities of the arteries to modify themselves to the blood flow, thus making the artery web subject to interruptions and obstructions hence influencing our organism to suffer a cerebral ischemia.


A good diet is fundamental in reducing the risks and the causes of a cerebral ischemia.  A high percentage of the blood is harmful to the blood vessels. The diabetes is a clinical cause of the cerebral ischemia; hence, the prevention of this pathology is reflected on the prevention of the ischemia.

Another element that should be under control is the cholesterol. During all these years, we have learned to distinguish the “good” cholesterol and the “bad” cholesterol. The bad one if it deposits itself on the walls of the arteries creates plaques that reduce the blood flow in the vessels, turning them into “plugs”. This process is the base of the arteriosclerosis.

Physical Exercise 

Avoid the sedentariness and do physical exercises as much as you can, aside from the fact that it will protect you from obesity, which is a triggering factor of the cerebral ischemia, it will keep your vascular system trained thus reducing the causes of the cerebral ischemia.