The registered enterprise Stroke Therapy Revolution LTD, residing in Saint Mary Street Promenade Court 13 1/C MFN1400 Marsalforn, in the country of Malta VAT Nº MT21743135, is an online medical consultancy organization which does not pretend to substitute any other type of POST-STROKE treatment for other except the one we recommend and will not be held responsible for the wrong or improper execution of the exercises recommended in our Video Guide if they are not supervised by our specialists through our support program.

In our web page web, there are several informative contents about when and how to proceed during and after a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) in order for the patients to have the best quality of life possible based on bibliographic references and the knowledge of the Dr. Valerio Sarmati, who was a direct student pupil of the Prof. Carlo Perfetti, who created and developed the Perfetti Method at the end of the 60s decade.

Our main objective is to inform and guide the patients, relatives, therapeutic professionals and people in general about the POST – STROKE treatment that the patient should have when a cerebral injury takes place, through the information and content in our web page, as well as in our rehabilitation services , provided in the online visits with our specialists and in our Video Guides of exercises for the recovery of the hemiplegia.

Privacy Policy

We inform our users and customers, that the data that they give us, will be included in a card file, created and maintained under the responsibility of Stroke Therapy Revolution LTD and will not be disclosed under any concept.
The identity of the patient will always be confidential, only and only if the patient previously notifies the personnel who work in Stroke Therapy Revolution LTD, since the videos which are uploaded to the private support group on Facebook are subject to the privacy policies of the mentioned social web.

At no time whatsoever Stroke Therapy Revolution LTD will use the identity of a patient to promote our services or for information purposes unless the patient is previously notified in writing and agree.
To exercise the right of opposition, rectification or cancelling the subscribed service of the support program, the patient should get in contact with us through the email [email protected] and make your request.

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Stroke Therapy Revolution LTD is not responsible for the information and contents obtained in forums, social web, or any other media which allows publishing independent content on a web page.

The company will not be responsible for damage and or prejudice derived from improper performance of the exercises at home done by relatives or the patient’s therapists. Any physical or psychological damage on a patient who is practicing the Perfetti method is excluded from any responsibilities. By the same token the complete recovery of the patient or his relatives or therapists expectations of results are not guaranteed.

Stroke Therapy Revolution LTD compromises to punctually attend all the teleconsultations previously scheduled, correct the videos of the patients in the support group, allow access to the exercises in the Video Guide and offer medical consultation related to the POST CVA rehabilitation to people who acquire our services.

Moreover, Stroke Therapy Revolution LTD reserves the right to actualize, modify, or eliminate information contained in its web page, at any time, without assuming any responsibility because of it.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

Stroke Therapy Revolution LTD is the holder of all the rights over all the Video Guides for the recovery of the right or left hemiplegia, developed by Dr. Valerio Sarmati and cannot be reproduced, copied, published or commercialized without the consent of our enterprise.

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