Stroke Therapy Revolution Ltd offers remote counseling and telerehabilitation services for stroke patients, but in its mission there is also training and education for physiotherapists and professionals for this year we dedicate much of our time in congresses and conferences in prestigious universities that give us the Welcome to receive the latest updates on the front of neurocognitive rehabilitation and Yorman deals with institutional relations with universities and hospitals for the realization of events through videoconferences or residential courses.

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Through these social spaces, our main purpose is to be able to transmit truthful and timely information that serves as a training in that process of understanding that we must assume when a family member of ours faces an adversity as delicate as a LCA. That is why we are dedicated to fostering a communicative network related to the importance of neurocognitive rehabilitation as a vital method to recover lost abilities and skills from the recovery of our cognitive functions. The web world is wide, but if you have reached this space in search of hope, I want to tell you that, you have arrived at the right place, both for you and your family, because we are here to accompany you in this complex process that life has given you placed, but that with courage you can overcome.